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Pretty good, but the game crashed when I killed the 9th Gladiator saying I'd lost when I'd won.

Solid towards the end but a great challenge too. One you master the overhead swing it's not insanely difficult.


Great stuff this reminds me of the Merlin/Arthur reaction game style you make a while back.

However you've programed the 'e' key to remove a chunk of the player's health bar as well. Maybe patch that if you can.

Yaaayyyyy! Just completed it on no mercy, but the medals aren't updating for some reason. Also how do you get tragic reality ending?

PoliuxDimension responds:

Yes, some people remind me the E key earlier, it was a developer key I forgot to remove, but I didn't remove it because it can also serve as function when you just want to quickly start over boss fight again.

I will pay extra focus on collision mechanism in my future games, since many reviewers had mentioned it, and I do it can be made better, like lower drop frequency, and slimmer or something else.

I do want to find some tester, but it's kinda hard to do it on NG, the beta tester function seems not working somehow (I invited someone and he said it doesn't work lol) But I do have people willing to help me test game in the future I suppose...

Thank you man, I need objective review like this.

Good game, atmospheric and erie without being a nightmare.

My only critique would be the lack of an introduction and backstory...

Nice work.

Liked how it was put together, my only fault on it would be that lack of color, but it has the gameboy charm with the monochrome effect.
Music was twee and charming with it's little quirky beats and tunes.

I completed it on my first attempt, but I'm a veteran at these sorts of games from my arcarde youth! :)
The difficult it just right.

Look forward to seeing more!

It's ok, but no map select after making it to map 5?
Come on you can do better.

Neat little game, completed it in 1150 but I didn't have to peek at the walkthrough! :)

Neat little bundle!
Nice job.

Pretty good game, I completed it on the first try, but it took all my lives. Last boss was just about the right difficulty.

Well done!

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